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The Wishing Shelf 2019 Awards

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards works to promote excellence in independent publishing.

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"A superbly crafted character-led story. Forty Ways To Square a Circle is a FINALIST and highly recommended."

—The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Wishing Shelf Book Awards' 2019 Finalist

Judges’ Comments for Forty Ways to Square a Circle:

"I got lost in the American town and the characters and problems facing them. Well-edited with a host of memorable characters, this was a very entertaining read."

—Female reader, aged 36

"It’s always fun to discover a new author that I like. He’s amazing at developing character; it’s his forte you might say. I felt for Casey; work life can be very frustrating!"

—Female reader, aged 61

"I so wanted a happy ending for Casey. He’s really battling almost for his sanity in this story in which many of things he thinks are important are being taken away from him. The writing style is very good with an excellent rhythmic flow to it. A talented writer."

—Male reader, aged 66

"I liked this. Just for the insight into life in that part of the world, it was worth reading. I loved the title too!"

—Female reader, aged 53

"Enjoyed this a lot. The author works hard with setting and character development. Also the problems facing the protagonist – at work and home – are thought-provoking (particularly the aunt suffering from dementia) and interesting."

—Female reader, aged 42

"Character-driven, often very funny. I See London, I See France... is a RED RIBBON WINNER and highly recommended."

—The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

Wishing Shelf Book Awards' 2019 Red Ribbon Winner!

Judges’ Comments for I See London, I See France...:

"Victor is supposedly very smart - and he is, sort of. He sounds it anyway, but most of the waffle coming out of his mouth is hilariously wrong. If you are looking for a travel book, this is NOT for you. If you want to meet zany characters and you happen to enjoy Monte Python-style humour, this IS for you."

—Female reader, aged 36
(British award, so British spelling of "humor")

"Victor is a genius. He’s also annoying and often rather funny (although I don’t think he’s intending to be). This is rather a fun novel. Light and packed with very odd characters – the family is a nightmare – this was a very entertaining read."

—Male reader, aged 57

"This author has good comic timing and a way with words. I chuckled happily away. I’d recommend to anybody who just wants a bit of light humour before they drift off to sleep."

—Female reader, aged 54

"Very funny and also very well-written. Lots of humour."

—Female reader, aged 37