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About Neil Hummasti

In 2011, after a long and distinguished career as a high school English teacher and coach, Astoria, Oregon resident Neil Hummasti died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 61.

He left behind well over a half million words of unpublished writing and issued no instructions as to their posthumous disposition. The cache included two literary novels, one Christian-themed novel, two theological tracts, 30 short stories, ten essays, and fragments of a play and memoir.

Neil Hummasti, Molalla, 1978
Neil Hummasti, Molalla, 1978

Arnie Hummasti arranged for the publication of his brother’s writing in two phases. Phase One consisted of creating a web site, publishing the two literary novels in print and e-book formats, distributing them through various outlets, and making a selection of the short stories available as free downloads.